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We have written several blog posts to tell you more about Nudging, including the ethics behind it and how it can be used in education. In this blog post we would like to tell you more about Nudging events and podcasts.

You might have heard of Woodstock the music festival, but have you heard of Nudgestock? Nudgestock is the world’s biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity. The first Nudgestock took place in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength over the years. Nudgestock is the brainchild of London based firm Ogilvy Consulting the festival inspires brands and people to impact the world.

In 2020, due the pandemic, Nudgestock went online, and one of the standout presentations from that year was Bri Williams ‘Lazy, Scared and Overwhelmed’.

Bri’s presentation is interesting and enlightening, as she explains her Williams Behaviour Change Model, which describes three barriers you must overcome to succeed in changing someone’s behaviour.

They are:

  1. Lazy
    People like to stick to the things they know and are lazy by default. Bri argues that you need to make it easy to do the right thing, or make your offer seem better or more interesting than the alternatives.
  2. Overwhelmed
    Too many choices can be overwhelming and cause confusion. Bri says the way to address this is to make it clear which path is the best one to take.
  3. Scared
    We are more driven to avoid loss than seek gain. To overcome fear, we need to give people nothing to fear if they DO act and something to fear if they don’t.

Three takeaways from Bri’s talk:

  1. Business is about getting people from Point A (where they currently are) to Point B (where you want them to be), and ‘nudging’ helps us do this more effectively.
  2. To get people to carry out the desired behaviour, you must first overcome the three barriers of laziness, overwhelm and fear.
  3. To overcome lazy thinking, we must maximise reward and reduce effort.

There are over 190 videos from Nudgestock on YouTube, they cover all kinds of topics including sleep, diversity, miscommunication, and even how to make a cup of tea! If you have an interest in nudging and behavioural science, you might like to check them out: https://www.youtube.com/@nudgestock/videos  


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