We are excited to present the comprehensive outcomes of the Nudging 360° project, a collaborative initiative, co-funded by the European Union, focused on pioneering nudging strategies within the realm of higher education. This project represents a dynamic journey of exploration, bringing together diverse perspectives and insights to drive positive change within the academic landscape.

This page serves as a central hub for accessing detailed reports from our various sessions. Keep an eye out for future updates, additional insights, and new reports as we continue to refine and expand our understanding of nudging strategies in the higher education landscape.

22 october 2022

Adisa Ejubovic from ACEEU initiated the Nudging 360° project. She and Nathalie Bekx from Trendhuis met on October 22nd to prepare the kickoff.

Nudging 360° aims to boost HE educators’ (self-)motivation and to incentivize positive attitudes towards acquiring digital skills through nudging theory (principles) for educators to become more skilled in the use of digital tools. This will improve the overall quality of digital education materials and online teaching in HEIs and ultimately benefit students through increased participation and engagement in digital learning.

15 november 2022

During the first online meeting, all partners were introduced to each other. Trendhuis presented a housestyle and several logos. Together, we decided which logo to use and talked about the importance of nudging. The role of each partner in the project was defined, as well as the finances and planning. Take a look at this short presentation.

All partners will lead or co-lead at least one of the Work Packages and will host a TPM. Responsibility for WPs has been assigned based on each partner’s professional strengths, thus ensuring that the WP results will be realized timely, efficiently, and to the highest standards possible.

    Project management
  • WP2  ACEEU
    Nudging Ethics Council
    Needs and Prioritisation Map
    Nudging and Self-nudging Toolkits
    Video training for HEI Andministrations and Mooc for self-Nudging HE educators /

17-01-2023 & 18-01-2023

Nudging is one of the strategies from behavioral economics that aims to influence behavior by changing the environment. It could also be valuable in educational contexts.

Our project will result in two toolkits with nudges and self-nudges, available for every universiy or college. The aim is to encourage professors to use more digital tools for their classes, adjusting their teaching skills to modern society.

27-03-2023 & 28-03-2023

We talked about the importance of the ethical council (WP2). ACEEU drafted a Road Map and Council Statutes. We need one ethical expert per partner. They will criticize the nudges we have created. Do they comply with privacy standards, are they good and ethical, …

Afterwards, we discussed the Needs and Priorization Map (WP3). Beforehand every partner conducted several interviews of different educators and digital experts. The results of the interviews, as presented by each partner, showed a lot of similarities. We brainstormed about the questionnaires for students and educators. You can find the definite versions here: survey for students and survey for educators. Furthermore, we discussed the methodology of the desk research.


We discussed the overall conclusions of the desk and brain research (UB) and the importance and questions of the survey.


Check to-do list and review the first 3 work packages. We talked about a blog for the website and dissemination of our project. Our next live meeting will take place in Munster, Thursday november 30th and Friday December 1st.